Now, I know rotten tomatoes are a thing, at least when referencing movie review websites, but, rotten potatoes?


So, most mornings I get up 2-4 hours prior to class so that I have enough time to cook breakfast and lunch before heading off to school.  Today was no exception, and so, after throwing together a breakfast smoothie, I began gathering the ingredients for stir fry.  Everything was coming together without a hitch until I went to grab a few onions off of my shelf, and smelled something terrible.

At first, I just assumed that the odor was coming from the bottom shelf which has been known to be problematic.

Until I saw something dark dripping from my shelf.

Reaching up, I pulled out my bag of potatoes that, sure enough, had two rotting spuds in it.


Now, before I continue, I suppose this would be the best time to paint a clearer picture of the limits of my culinary expertise.

While I love cooking and most foods that I prepare somehow turn out, I have virtually no formal training.
Which means that cooking, in my book, consists of throwing anything I can find into a bowl/skllet with a random combination of spices (aka garlic, crushed red pepper, and...more garlic), all while making a huge mess.

It should come as no surprise then that I had no idea what to do with my remaining unrotten potatoes, but rather than googling what to do with them (#summacumlaudedefined), I improvised.

Forty minutes later, my now potato based stir fry was complete, and I was the proud owner of a half-gallon of chopped potatoes, perfect for homefries and hashbrowns.

Good day?

I think so.

Well, midterms are 3 days and some odd hours away, and I should probably get back to studying.

Catch y'all later!


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