So, after yet another long hiatus, I am back!

I know you're excited.


Anyway... so, let's see...the last time I wrote I was enjoying a beautiful weekend home thanks to Academy Week.  Which actually doesn't feel like as long ago as it truly was.  I guess that's a good thing..?

Since I don't really know how i want to present an overview of my last two weeks, I guess I'll go back to the always excellent list format.  Enjoy!

1. Midterms
I finally got back all of my midterm scores, and I'm happy to say that I was very pleased with almost all of my grades.  The one that was less than satisfactory, I plan on discussing with the professor tomorrow to figure out what actually went wrong.  We'll see how that goes...

2.  Modeling!
So, during Academy week, I was blessed with the opportunity to model for Kharis Photography.  This was my first time to modelling, but I had a great time, and thoroughly loved being able to see the resulting pictures!  Check out the pics here!

3.  Moving
The week after Academy week, I once again managed to not be in class for Thursday and Friday, thanks to Fall Break.  Instead of studying like a responsible student, I spent my days off moving my older brother to Illinois (and my younger brother to my older brother's room).  It was a crazy weekend, featuring 18 hours in the car, 7 shopping trips, and the perfect opportunity to put my relentless energy and love for organization to good use.  In other words, whether the rest of the family did or not, I had a fantastic weekend!

That all brings us to this week.

Hi.  I'm currently sitting barefoot and cross-legged at a picnic table outside of the medical center enjoying a fantastic blogging break.  I finished my first lab practical of the semester nearly two hours ago (it went pretty great), and have spent a majority of the past two hours studying for the next round of midterms (which start this coming week.. no, we really never get a break.)

It's pretty great!

Well, I'm not really sure what else to say at the moment, so I suppose I'll catch y'all later.

Til the next time!


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