I think it's bedtime..

Hey Howdy Hey beautiful Internet world!

Holy cow.
I am exhausted.
With a capital E.

It's been a long day.  From class at 8 (with a minor delay of getting a ticket, having to move my car, and struggling to find a parking spot), to Panera with two of my favorite Opt-1's (THERE'S A PANERA AT THE HOSPITAL NOW!!), to studying and making dinner, to my first ever orchestra practice (that was rough... Maybe I should stop telling people that I play trumpet..?), to a nearly 3 mile run, to another round of studying, and finally to this moment where I am cuddling in my hammock with my stuffed penguin writing about my day, I think it's safe to say that Groundhog Day 2016 was a success!

And now, I should head to bed so I can start do it all again tomorrow!

Jk. Tomorrow will be completely different... After all:

Tomorrow is Opt 1, Semester II, Test I.


Yeah... It's bedtime.

Good night moon... Good night stars...
Good night Internet.. Good night cars...


Love always,

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