~Just a smalltown girl, tryin’ to find a place in this world~

Hello! My name is Hannah, and I am currently the Brain Injury Vision Rehabilitation resident at University Eye Insitutes.  An overwhelming majority of this site speaks of my chosen career, so to break up the monotony here are some other tidbits about me.  Enjoy!

1. I love to write.
I first realized my passion for writing in second grade when I hand-wrote a 20 page paper for an assignment.  Granted, 20 pages in second grade handwriting is significantly different than a novel, but hey, I loved it nonetheless. Through the years, my writing has varied from the stories and essays required for school, to extensive diary entries, to poems, to the blogs that you can access from this site!  Currently, I’m working at writing and blogging more consistently - we’ll see how it goes :)

2. Music runs deep.
Music has been an integral part of my life since day 1.  Growing up in a musical family, I started taking piano lessons at age 5, and haven’t stopped playing since!  Check out some of the songs that I wrote/arranged for a friend’s wedding here. In addition to piano, I love to sing (alto), and have some experience playing flute, trumpet, and bassoon.

PS: Know someone who’s looking for a wedding pianist? Feel free to contact me!

3. Warning: High energy
This is a perfect description for me - in fact, my energy is one of the first things that people notice about me.  I love to be active, be it biking, running, hiking, or playing most any outdoor sports.  Aside from activities, however, I tend to have a positive energy that characterizes my every day life.

4. Adventure is out there!
In addition to my high energy, I love to explore and be in nature.  I am captivated daily by the beauty that surrounds me, and I look for opportunities to try new activities and be apart of the great outdoors.      My most recent adventure has been moving to The Land of Enchantment for my final optometry school rotation.  It has been amazing thus far, and I can’t wait to spend another beautiful two months out here in the Southwest!

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